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Описание Дата
S-Core/Scripts: Implemented enhancement shaman t4 4p bonus
2017-06-16 10:37:25
DB/SAI: Wrangle some Aether Rays

Closes #16305
2017-06-16 10:31:14
DB/SAI: The Demoniac Scryer (Update)

Changes to script so that credit is only given at end of event rather than after first wave of mobs due to timer aura been removed on evade
2017-06-16 10:22:56
DB/SAI: Matis the Cruel

Closes #19873
2017-06-15 22:16:19
DB/Creature: Necro Overlord Mezhen
2017-06-15 19:23:31
Rename .debug uws to .debug worldstate (clarity change).
2017-06-15 14:56:15
Group creation again (follow-up to 132538d). Groups now only disband if all members reject the invitation (as opposed to if any member rejects the invitation).
2017-06-15 11:08:26
Fixes to all-reputation and all-skill custom option handling:

- Move on-create customs (all explored, all reputations) to CharacterHandler::HandlePlayerLogin for first login. Fixes #19839.
- Add Wrath factions to all reputations custom (it only had BC factions).
- Remove unused ReputationMgr::SendStates. Add ReputationMgr::SendState handling for sending all updated states in arbitrary order if nullptr is passed (used in point #1).
- Fix all weapon skills max custom to properly apply on learning new weapon skills.
2017-06-15 02:19:28
Hunter: Fix Piercing Shot dot clipping (#19882)

Closes #19881
2017-06-15 01:11:29
Core/Player: Keep shared quests through map changes instead of getting stuck in busy state (#19821)

2017-06-14 23:27:37
Core/Entities Allow DynamicObjects with UNIT_FLAG_IMMUNE_TO_PC to select targets (#19168)

2017-06-14 12:31:46
Core/Spells Allow bosses to receive KnockBack under certain conditions (#19312)

Conditions: Not player, not controlled by player and not hunter's pet
2017-06-14 12:16:12
S-Core/Scripts: Remove unused cpp file
2017-06-14 09:53:36
S-Core/Scripts: Fix a typo
2017-06-14 09:53:21
S-Core/Scripts: Fix a typo
2017-06-14 09:52:18
S-Core/Scripts: Implemented fire mage t4 4p bonus
2017-06-14 09:51:51
S-Core/Scripts: Add mixology bonus for custom flasks
2017-06-14 06:55:56
S-Core/Onyxia: Lost sql
2017-06-13 23:35:05
S-Core/Onyxia: Visual fixes.
2017-06-13 23:30:56
S-Core/MotionMaster: add new MoveSplinePoint function.
2017-06-13 23:30:04
Modify group invite behavior while creating group to be blizzlike: (#19870)

- Leader can invite multiple people before the first invite is accepted
- Leader can cancel group formation by sending CMSG_GROUP_DISBAND (using /run LeaveParty() or similar)

Fixes #17258.
2017-06-13 22:34:38
S-Core/WG: change 5 minute timer to 3 minute
2017-06-13 18:17:28
Typo fix 2017-06-13 17:48:17
S-Core/Spells: Fix refunding 90% runic power when Frost Strike hit fails
2017-06-13 17:03:41
S-Core/Misc: More replaces insert by emplace
2017-06-13 16:40:01
S-Core/Item: Improve IsAllowableToEquipFor check logic; Fixes bug related to transmogrify cloth armor by hunters
2017-06-13 16:22:07
Add new command 'npc showloot'. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
2017-06-12 17:10:41
Fix reapply for 2017_06_12_01_world.sql (ac0f76f follow-up)
2017-06-12 15:27:54
dynamic_spawning conflict avoidance, part deux: World.h enums
2017-06-12 15:19:47
Insert dynamic_spawning RBACs (already reserved in RBAC.h as of 55d8c2b) into auth database to prevent constant base file conflicts on that branch.
2017-06-12 15:12:02
- Add new commands .group set assistant, .group set maintank and .group set mainassist to toggle raid member flags.

- Fix 2017_05_29_00_auth.sql to be reapply safe.
2017-06-12 15:01:47
Removed a now-unused local (ca02629 follow-up)
2017-06-12 11:17:48
Make some adjustments to .summon and .group summon behavior to make them more permissive:

- Now only requires the either target's group leader or target itself to be on your map
- Now summons all applicable group members even if one member fails checks
- No longer has some truly weird edge case instance unbind code that could cause exploit behavior (Really, I have no idea why this existed, because it certainly didn't do what it might've been meant to do.)
2017-06-12 11:08:07
Core/OutdoorPvP: yet more unused stuff
2017-06-11 21:17:18
Core/Scripts: fix some /W4 warnings
2017-06-11 21:06:39
Core/OutdoorPvP: fix another warning
2017-06-11 20:37:30
Core/OutdoorPvP: fix warning
2017-06-11 20:31:56
Core/OutdoorPvP: refactor using Position and Quat to pack parameters

- Moved statics to cpp
- Save scriptids into an array
2017-06-11 20:02:01
DB/Creature: Respawn The Howling Hollow cave
2017-06-11 09:58:38
S-Core/Spells: Refix Night of the dead. issues/1215
2017-06-11 09:09:07
Revert "Core/Spells: Fixed spell Night of the dead. issues/1215"

This reverts commit 9825ab07e50a7b23a2e693032c69dd5a5385bdb8.
2017-06-11 09:07:55
Core/Spell: fix some spells that shouldn't allow stealth or invisibility

- Touch of Zanzil
- Glowing Blood
- Lambent Blood
- Vibrant Blood
- Black Blood
- Perpetual Instability
2017-06-11 05:31:59

- Use instead of Update + event_phase_mask when action needs to be synchronized
2017-06-10 22:20:44
Core/Scripts: remove non-player objects (ie corpses) from Sindragosa's Fury targetlist
2017-06-10 18:11:35
So, I came in trying to fix gameobject LoS. So I restructured some stuff.

Then it turned out that gameobject LoS is already fixed. So all this does, really, is restructure some stuff.
And remove the hack from Sapphiron because I could.
2017-06-10 13:08:35
Core/Spells: Fixed stacking warrior Engare and Death Wish. issues/1213
2017-06-10 12:01:43
Core/Spells: Fixed spell Night of the dead. issues/1215
2017-06-10 11:12:43
Added new BoundaryUnionBoundary subclass of AreaBoundary, which does what it says on the tin. Hi, sirikfoll.
2017-06-09 20:14:53
Travis/CI: Switch to sudoless container mode and cleanup installed libraries
2017-06-09 16:27:51
S-Core/DB: fix issues/971 2017-06-09 16:22:48